WELCOME to the Azilo Training Blog!

Here at Azilo Training, we focus on affordable online training for childcare, and health and social care.  We make it easier for managers to assign, track and improve learning for their team to make sure everyone is up-to-date with their training and compliance.  

We also have the option to create your own courses and training for you and your team, making sure everything is tailored for you and your business.

With this blog, we will be posting relevant topics and articles for those working in childcare and health and social care.

So stay tuned! And enjoy!

Azilo Training is an independent training provider offering Childcare and Health & Social Care apprenticeships, in-person training and e-learning. With over a decade of experience and trusted by over 300 companies, Azilo Training is here to cater to your every training need.
Our industry leading online training platform - Azilo Training Hub - not only provides unlimited access to over 160 courses, but also offers you the ability to assign and track your team’s learning, store and share documents and even create your own personalised courses.
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