How It Works

If you have a Childcare or Health & Social Care setting in mind where you would like to work at as we provide your training - that's great!  However, if you are starting from square one then don’t worry - we have a full, free recruitment process which can help place you in a setting based on your postcode.

Assessor Support

Over the duration of your Childcare and Health & Social Care apprenticeship, you will receive constant support and guidance from your assessor to help you gain your qualification. 

Once you are in your setting, and have completed the relevant probation period (different settings require different probation period lengths), your assessor will be available to visit you approximately every 2-4 weeks, and the frequency depends upon the level of your qualification. The purpose of these visits will be to help you with any work you have and answer any questions about the programme.

Your Workload

There are no formal exams with the vocational qualification, as you are learning in a hands-on setting every day, and interacting with the staff and children.  As an apprentice, you will also attend relevant CPD courses, such as Health & Safety or Food Safety & Hygiene, that the setting manager will organise.  

There will be mandatory units attached to your qualification that you must complete throughout your training.

On top of these units, you will also have the opportunity to pick from a variety of optional units on topics that you want to learn about.  These will then be added to your qualification upon completion. 

Your allocated assessor will be able to help you every step of the way during your apprenticeship, however, there is an expected input from you.  You must be carrying out independent study, so that you are able to achieve your apprenticeship and certification on time.

In certain circumstances, Azilo Training has a system in place to provide equipment, such as laptops, if you do not have access to this at home.  This means you don't have to worry about how you are going to get your work completed and submitted on time.

I was really nervous about starting my course, but the induction period was a great chance to get to know where I'd be working and make sure it was the correct thing for me to do before I committed to the course.

John, Bright Little Things Nursery