Carers Awareness
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Carers Awareness

Unpaid Carers are often the Primary Carer in a person's life. The tasks they carry out can vary from small things, such as helping out with shopping, to being the designated care giver. It is estimated that there are around seven million carers in the UK – that is one in ten people. This number is rising. Three in five people will be carers at some point in their lives in the UK (Carers Trust, 2015)With life expectancy increasing and people living for longer, the quality of life unpaid carers bring to the people in their care is said to save the UK Government around £60 billion each year.This course will look at the ways unpaid carers benefit the cared-for person's quality of life, their main duties, who they are as well as the ways this demanding role can affect their own life and health.

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