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Communication is an essential part of a caring relationship, and helps to encourage trusting relationships with other workers and families as well as the individuals you care for.During your career in health and social care, you will develop many different relationships. Some will be formal and others more informal. Successful communication is crucial in both cases.A relationship based on trust and understanding from the beginning will provide a basis for good care and support whether short or long-term.Poor communication can quickly lead to confusion and distress. The process of exchanging information through communication is not always straightforward.If the information shared is inaccurate or misleading, mistakes can be made which could result in poor care.This course will provide you with the necessary skills, knowledge and confidence to be an effective communicator.  Key InsightsImportance of Good Communication - Effective communication allows for a deeper connection in our relationships.How we Communicate – Discover the 7, 38 and 55% rule.  Communication Barriers – Life can throw us curve balls that can get in the way of our interactions with the people we support. We call these “Barriers to Communication”.Confidentiality - Confidentiality helps to develop trust between two people, which is the basis of good relationships, whether they are formal or informal.

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