Safeguarding Adults
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Safeguarding Adults

People who work in health and social care often work with patients, who for a range of reasons, may be less able to protect themselves from neglect, harm or abuse. Adult safeguarding is a way of working and thinking that protects adults with care and support needs and every worker has a part to play. This course is designed to help you.Standard 10 – Safeguarding Adults is an important topic within Health & Social Care. Safeguarding Adults covers a huge amount of important information, policies and legislation.This course is designed to provide you with all the information you need to understand your responsibilities for safeguarding adults in your workplace.Key InsightsShocking Statistics - In 2014, there were a recorded 104,050 safeguarding referrals in the UKAdult Safeguarding and the Law – Review the key pieces of legislation that support safeguarding across health and social carePrinciples of Safeguarding – What does it mean to you?What you need to know- Policy and Procedure and why you should always follow themHarm – What does it look like?Types of Abuse – Identify the types of abuse as well as the signs and indicators that they are happeningProtecting People – Find out how you can reduce the likelihood of abuse occurringRisk Management – A clear complaints procedure reduces the likelihood of abuseReporting Abuse – All suspicions and allegations must be followed up in a formal way

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