Stroke Information and Management for Carers
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Stroke Information and Management for Carers

The number of people experiencing a stroke in the UK annually is increasing.  According to the Stroke Association 'there are more than 100,000 strokes in the UK each year. That is around one stroke every five minutes' (Stroke Association, 2018). Although many people will go on to make a full recovery, strokes can be deadly and can cause debilitating problems for many people through physical, emotional and behavioural changes.  The severity of these symptoms will be different for each person depending on the severity of the stroke and in which part of the brain it occurred.Stroke rehabilitation is therefore vital to help a person recover and restore an element of their control and independence back. There are many different types of health and medical professionals involved in this care.This course will look at what a stroke is and what effects it can have on the body and a person's life.  We will also look at the warning signs of a stroke and how to act F.A.S.T. as well as looking at your role in the rehabilitation of someone in your care who has had a stroke.

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