Understand Your Role
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Understand Your Role

As a health and social care worker, you’re going to interact with lots of amazing people, performing lots of different roles, all providing vital support to individuals across the UK.People in the UK are living longer than ever before. This is great news, and for many this means staying healthy and independent well into old age. But as people age, there is need for more support and care, and this means that your role in health and social care is more important than ever.But do you fully understand your role?Of course, it would be impossible for us to list every single task you will do on a daily basis.Instead, this course is designed to teach you about some of the key duties you will undertake and will point you in the right direction for getting a deeper understanding of the various parts of your role.This course forms part of the Care Certificate Award.Key InsightsHealth and social care has always attracted good people. But with the profession under increased pressure, a national strategy called, Compassion in Practice, was launched in 2012. Its aim was to create a gold standard in care at every point of contact.No matter what career you have chosen, the skills and knowledge you need to carry out your role competently and the ways in which you should work, are set out nationally.Your experiences, attitudes and beliefs are part of what makes you who you are.It’s essential, as part of your role in health and social care, that you understand what it is your employer is trying to achieve. To help you do this, all organisations have values, aims and objectives.Alongside your organisation’s values and beliefs, there are many pieces of legislation that employers incorporate into their agreed ways of working.When mistakes happen, it is important to be honest and identify where the error has occurred.The health and social care sector is extremely diverse. It encompasses multiple roles, multiple sectors and multiple skills depending on your job role.

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