Infection Prevention and Control
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Infection Prevention and Control

Dangerous infections can spread rapidly and with potentially severe consequences if you aren't aware of how best to deal with them, before and after the event.Infection prevention and control is a key element of health and social care and is vital to the health and well being of those people who need care and support.It is essential to ensure that people who use health and social care services receive safe and effective care, and it is important that everyone has a clear understanding of their responsibilities in preventing the spread of infection.  This online training course will help you understand the different types of pathogenic organisms and how they get into the body. You’ll also discover agreed ways of working that stop the spread of pathogens, helping you prevent and control infection where you work.Key InsightsPathogenic Organisms - Explore the five different types of pathogenic organisms. Vulnerable People - It’s important to remember that some groups of people may be more vulnerable to infection. Chain of Infection - Did you know that in order for the spread of infectious diseases to take place the chain of infection must be completed? Prevent Infection - Preventing Infection means breaking the links in the chain, and you can do this by using standard precautions. Personal Health and Hygiene - As an H&SC employee, you have an important role to play in preventing the spread of infections.  Learn how you can keep on top of health and hygiene as well as the measures you should take to reduce the risk of transferring pathogens to other people. Personal Protective Equipment - The required level of PPE will vary depending on your role and the task you are doing. How to Handle Waste - Your employer should have waste handling policy in place, which details how you can deal with these different types of waste. Safe Management of Laundry - Linen that comes into contact with workers or other individuals can become contaminated with harmful micro-organisms and body fluids. Sharps - Some roles may require the handling and disposal of sharps. It is your employer’s responsibility to provide the correct equipment and training for this task.

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