Move and Assist Safely
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Move and Assist Safely

When we see someone who needs help, our natural instinct is to help. However, we need to make sure that our compassion is coupled to safely help.That's where learning how to move and assist someone safely is crucial.The moving and handling of people is a regular task in health and social care, which, if not done safely, can cause injury to yourself and othersManual handling is the moving of items by lifting, lowering, carrying, pushing or pulling by hand or by bodily force.In health and social care, this also covers the moving and assisting of people.This online training course will provide you with essential guidance on how to move and assist safely, so you can prevent injuries before they happen.Key InsightsWhat the law says - The different lifting tasks you perform as part of your role are governed by legislation.Move and assist tasks - What are the common moving and assist tasks performed in health and social care?Manual handling Injuries - Manual handling injuries can happen anywhere, and some common injuries include strains, sprains and back pain.How your back works - Any injuries caused by bad practice in the workplace can have very serious implications, restricting your ability to undertake work and leisure activities for the remainder of your life.What you need to do – It is really important to remember that you must have proper training before using certain types of equipment or performing certain tasks.Dynamic risk assessment - Quick check covering the areas you need to pay particular attention to before attempting to move something or assist anyone.

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