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Safeguarding Training
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Safeguarding Training

£ 550 + VAT

schedule 3-4 Hours

Duration: 3-4 Hours

Region: England

Max 20 Persons

All childcare workers need an awareness of their role and responsibilities within a childcare setting. This course has been designed to help them understand why Safeguarding Children and Young People is so important.

Having the proper understanding of legislation and guidance helps to build an awareness of their legal obligations, case study reviews and responses to concerns surrounding children’s welfare and safety. 

Childcare workers taking this course will understand how to record and share information if it needs to be referred, as well as how to maintain confidentiality when appropriate.

Delegates will participate in activities regarding children’s needs, what may constitute acceptable or unacceptable injuries and case studies to decide if abuse may reasonably be suspected.

  • Delegates will feel confident and competent within their working role and protecting children in their care
  • They will be aware of the current legislation for child protection
  • They will understand their roles and responsibilities in protecting the children in their care
  • They will understand how to raise children’s awareness of how to protect themselves

Understanding abuse and how to identify its signs and symptoms is the key element in this course. Learners will also understand the appropriate procedures and processes to take if a child discloses abuse. They will also learn how to encourage social confidence and safety in the children they are responsible for, as well as having a more profound understanding of up to date legislation in England.

Learners will be given a general knowledge quiz at the end to confirm their knowledge.

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