As an employer, the vocational qualification system for providing modern apprentices is by far the best option. 

Various other qualifications may require that the learner take one day off a week to attend a college to complete work, however, with Azilo Training, the candidate will be on the setting floor everyday of the week.  This means managers will not have to worry about ratios or losing staff for periods of time.  

As an employer looking for a modern apprentice for your setting, we offer a fully free recruitment process to help you find the right candidate. 

We will post job adverts for the position you are recruiting for, and will screen all of the CV’s that come in before sending them over to you for the final viewing. Once the employer has decided on a short list of candidates, we can set up a date for when they are all available to visit the setting.  During this visit, candidates will meet with the manager for individual interviews and to complete short answer questions. All of the relevant work completed on this day will be left with the manager to help them decide on which candidate they would like to work in their employment. Alternatively, if the employer has a particular candidate in mind, then they can skip the recruitment process and start this chosen candidate on their probation period.  

Once the candidate has started their probation period and  working on the floor, the employer will be required to pay the candidate the appropriate minimum wage for their age. 

However, once the candidate has completed their probation period and starts their vocational qualification with Azilo Training, that is when the employer can choose to amend their salary to the Modern Apprentice salary of £3.90 for 16 - 19 year olds.

Over the duration of the qualification, the employer should be helping the candidate to strive in their work by providing them with relevant opportunities to develop in their qualification. 

This allows the candidate to progress in the setting and become an engaged member of staff.

The candidate’s Azilo Training assessor will need to be permitted access to the setting to carry out progress review to see where the candidate is at with their course work. 

Assessors may also need access to the setting at other times, for example, if they are meeting with the candidate to help with any questions they have. If the candidate is struggling with their work and placement, then we have relevant procedures in place to offer them the help they need.  This includes providing candidates with equipment, such as laptops, if they do not have access to this at home, so they are able to complete their training. 

If the candidate is having other issues with their qualification, such as their work load or course work is becoming overwhelming, then the assessor can arrange to visit the candidate every 2-4 weeks to provide the candidate with the relevant support they need. 

The employer is also expected to provide their candidate with the support they need in a day-to-day setting, by providing opportunities for the candidate to further their knowledge in their chosen sector, such as booking face-to-face CPD courses through ourselves, or by accessing our online CPD planner that offers over 150+ online training courses that staff members can complete from home.