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Delivering great apprenticeships and providing the best training for the Childcare and Health & Social Care sectors is at the heart of what Azilo Training do. We're committed to helping you drive your team forward and give them the skills they need to succeed in their career.
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“We at Abbeycare Scotland have developed a key relationship with our vocational training provider Azilo Training.

The level of access to SVQ vocational qualifications has been invaluable to the continued development of our service and our team enabling us to continue to deliver a quality service to our clients.

The impact of the training support provided through Azilo Training has enabled our team to improve their practice methods and skills.  The learning and qualifications obtained through Azilo Training have also motivated staff and improved their confidence in their abilities and enabled them to achieve appropriate qualifications for their roles and career development.”

Liam Mehigan, Director of The Abbeycare Group

More than a training provider.

We're always keen to hear from organisations who have an interest in great training. If you have any questions, training needs or just want some advice in regards to training, apprenticeships or anything else, please get in touch.


Free Skills Gap Analysis

As part of our training, Azilo Training offers free Skills Gap Analysis to make sure candidates are up-to-date with their care sector knowledge. By completing our extensive online questionnaire, we can determine any gaps in knowledge or any training that needs updating. We will then automatically assign candidates the relevant courses to complete so their learning stays on track.


Free Recruitment Support

We offer free recruitment support for both employers and candidates to make sure each apprentice is placed in the right setting. For candidates, Azilo Training will help place you in a setting based on your postcode, and continue to provide constant support and guidance throughout your childcare or health & social care apprenticeships. For employers, we will cover posting job adverts, pre-screening, and organising meetings and workshops for final interviews.


Approved Mentor Training

All of our assessors are highly qualified individuals who are dedicated to support and guide candidates through their apprenticeship. They will provide mentor training to ensure apprentices are receiving the best learning and development opportunities within their childcare or health & social care setting. Assessors will also mentor their candidates to make sure they are keeping up-to-date with their work and are not struggling with any aspect of their apprenticeship.


Funded Training and Qualifications

There are different funding routes for apprentices. Azilo Training has access to SDS (Skills Development Scotland) and SAAS (Student Awards Agency for Scotland) for Scottish candidates, and we can help candidates and employers alike, by recommending and helping you figure out which funding route works best for you.


Innovative e-learning system.

Access to training for your entire staff at your fingertips. Easily track your teams learning and compliance so you're always ready for inspection. Industry leading features at an unbeatable price the Azilo Training Hub is designed to help you take your team to the next level.


Free Induction

Free inductions are available for candidates before they become an apprentice to ensure they are committed to Azilo Training’s apprenticeship programme. These inductions involve an assessor going through the course in meticulous detail, providing training, such as First Aid training, and sector based activities.


Consultancy and improvement planning

If you want to recruit apprentices for your childcare or health & social care setting, Azilo Training offers consultancy and improvement planning. We provide this service throughout the apprenticeships, and consult both employers and candidates in order to keep track of development, workplace opportunities, and to offer employers any advice on improvements to ensure the candidate is receiving the best level of training possible.